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ExcelTec is an independent consultancy and engineering organization in 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing.

Exceltec is providing his expertise in Rapid Prototyping (RP) and Rapid Manufacturing (RM) technologies through a consultancy program for service bureau and international company including training curse on request.


We developed and/or distribute different kind of products for SLS ; for example:

Exceltec is developing new fine polymer powders with technical and business partners. These polyamide powders as the Innov’PA family, material by ExcelTec are especially designed for all laser sintering machines and enable to obtain models and functional parts in "engineering plastic" with long life's cycle and excellent chemical resistance.

Innov'PA produces models that are functional with excellent chemical resistance. These properties make components more suitable for rapid manufacture, than other Nylon powders.

This matrix PA powder product could then be individualized for fitting specific properties.

The whole of the improvements of the mechanical properties in the Innov’PA powders gives a better cohesion of the layers involving a more plastic behavior and responsive mechanics of the parts manufactured approaching the reinforced injected one. 

A completion by sand blasting is enough. These parts can be finished and painted if needed.

A refined specifies granulometry, precise and very tightened allows to obtain an excellent resolution of contour and surface.


These innovative properties make possible to consider Rapid Manufacturing.

The process ability of the powder on the rapid prototyping systems is optimized;  thus all the powder of a building can be re-used after sifting.


The refreshing factor for regeneration, because of the adapted formulation of Innov’PA powders, is lower than the usual rates used on the various systems of rapid prototyping

You want to see how Innov'Pa performs ckeck our latest Solution DataSheet (SDS) here

We have different grades in PA12 and/or PA11 with composite charge or not to fit to your requirements.

Please find here a selection of SLS materials “powdered” by ExcelTec !

For any more questions feel free to contact us: exceltec@exceltec.eu.                                              To see some pictures of parts click here.