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FR 106 Fire Retardant PA11

  • The FR106 from ALM is a fire retardant polyamide blend PA11 specifically engineered for the production of parts exhibiting excellent fire retardancy without compromising mechanical properties. Parts manufactured using this new powder maintain superior toughness and impact resistance.
60 seconds vertical test FAR 25
3 seconds 20 Seconds 40 Seconds 60 Seconds 62 Seconds

with the FR 106 parts can be manufactured to very low thickness, as low as 75 μm, without compromising fire retardant properties.
Even at very low thickness, FR 106 has been shown to easily pass 60 second vertical burn testing while also passing smoke and toxicity testing.

Every batch of material is manufactured under high quality control standards. Detailed quality control test results are provided with each shipment of material to certify conformance for the more rigorous production specifications typically encountered in rapid manufacturing applications


  • Innov'PA powders enables direct Vacuum Metallizing on to SLS at Malcolm Nicholls Limited - extract from TCT magazine Vol15, issue 1

Published on their web site : "Innov’PA 1550 Xs has a finer surface finish that is reducing finishing, enabling for the first time, intricate SLS parts to be vacuum metallized."  www.mnl.co.uk

In the past Malcolm Nicholls Limited has produced vacuum metallized parts, but this was a lengthy process.

Firstly MNL would produce a master model using Stereolithography. Hand finishing followed using our skilled model makers to apply a perfect gloss finish to the model. This itself can take some time to get the end result just right. From this master a silicon tool would be produced; into this tool a high-temp polyurethane resin would be poured, producing a perfect replica, suitable for the metallizing process.

Vacuum metallizing onto SLA parts was not successful due to the high temperature involved in the Metallizing process. Metallizing early SLS parts were also not too successful either as the “furry” surface finish meant that a lot of detail was lost in the finishing process.

This however has all changed; MNL now offer a superior new SLS nylon, Innov'PA 1550.

This material coupled with their Hi-Q Sinterstation gives the component a much improved surface finish, thus creating a better surface to apply our gloss technique. The silicon tooling and vacuum casting steps are no longer needed yielding typical savings of 30-40% on both cost and timescales.