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FR 106 Fire Retardant


“A fire retarded polyamide composite designed to meet the high standards of FAR 25 while maintaining superior mechanical properties.”

  • Meets rigorous Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) fire retardant requirements.
  • Superior toughness allows for thin walled features while saving space and weight in designs.
  • Maintains exceptional mechanical strength.



Advanced Laser Material’s FR-106 is a polyamide composite specifically engineered for producing parts with excellent fire retardancy while maintaining superior mechanical properties.

Parts manufactured from the FR-106 material exhibit high toughness and impact resistance. FR-106 parts can be manufactured to very low thicknesses, as low as 0.030”, without compromising fire retardancy and toughness. This enables engineers and designers to decrease wall thicknesses, saving space and weight in their products. Even at these very low thicknesses, FR-106 parts easily pass challenging 60 second vertical burn testing as well as smoke and toxicity tests. Every batch of FR-106 material is manufactured under high quality control standards. Detailed quality certificates are supplied with each shipment of FR-106 to certify conformance to the more rigorous production specifications typically encountered in rapid manufacturing applications.