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Sourcing :

Castor oil flower a renewable carbon ressources of Polyamide

Chemical :

Polyamide 11 Powders are based on a renewable carbon resources : Castor Oil (Latin name flower : "Ricinus Gipsoni", French name oil: "Huile de Ricin")


Castor Flowers and Seeds ---> Vegetal Oil ---> Amino 11 Monomer --->  Polyamide 11


The Castor Plant is a robust culture, growing on poor soil in semid arid areas with very few pesticide. The flower and the Seeds are crops and it's a non GMO products. Also locally it's considered as a non edible crops : not competitying with Food Plantation for the local population.


Products :


Applications & Sectors :

Medical Application


Aerospace Industry

Automotive Industry

Sport & Leisure

Shoe Industry

Military Industry

Art & Design