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Innov'PA 3450 GBx

Innov’PA 3450_GBx for systems of Rapid Prototyping

Polyamide Fine Composite Powder PFC04-a GBx

Description, Applications :

Innov’PA 3450 GBx is a fine composite powder based on polyamide 11 (thermoplastic) especially formulated to function on rapid prototyping systems by laser sintering or radiation. It enables to obtain productions of models and functional parts in "plastic engineering" with long cycle of life, excellent chemical resistance with an excellent impact strength compare to other charge polyamide.
This charged polyamide 11 powder gives final productions in a natural cream and light grey colour and is based on renewable source ! The main market for this product is final parts for Mechanical Engineering and especially Large or Massive Parts.
Innov’PA 3450 GBx is based on a dedicated formulation with improved mechanical characteristics and Laser Sintering process stability, benefit an excellent ductility and resistance to chock. The whole of the improvements of the mechanical properties gives a better cohesion of the layers involving a more plastic behavior and responsive mechanics of the parts manufactured, approaching the injected one as some charged Polyamide 6 (PA6-MD30) and some charged Polypropylene (PP-GB).
The mechanical properties are very near the general purpose properties requested by service bureau and OEM according to the different parts to build at each job .
The Glass Beads charge (GB) allows to reduce the shrinkage and curl...These innovative properties make possible to consider Rapid Manufacturing and building accurately very large parts!
The process windows is the largest of the market for a charged Polyamide powder, thus all the powder of a building can be re-used after sifting.
The refreshing factor for regeneration, due to the adapted formulation of Innov’PA 3450 GBx , is effective, you re-used the powder after sieving or sifting at the reverse of the concurrent products used on the various systems of rapid prototyping.
Typical applications of Innov’PA 3450 GBx are complex parts and models for Design, functional, precise, requested mechanically, chemically and in temperature. Repeatability of the product is granted thanks to is low shrinkage and high precision of the parts.
  • Granulometry refined around 50 µm
  • Good resolution of contour and surface for Manufacturing of complex end-use parts
  • Improved and reliable mechanical properties
  • Exploitable on any type of system of prototyping: Pluri-manufacturers
  • Economic cost of exploitation (ratio Q Powder/ Number of building) with a Regeneration factor at 50 % (max. 8-10 cycles)
  • Chemical resistance of composite PA 11 Based on a renewable source Castor Oil
  • Provisioning independent of the manufacturers.

Sector of Applications :

  • Automotive : interior, carter, manifold,...
  • Aerospace : large piping systems, climate control box,...
  • Tools & Accessories : Mechanical and Engineering parts
  • Motor Sports : carter aerodynamics with metalization