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Innov'PA 2550 GBAl

Innov’PA 2550_GBAL for systems of Rapid Prototyping

Polyamide Fine Composite Powder PFC03-A

Description, Applications :

The Innov'PA 2550 GBAL is a fine composite powder based on polyamide 12 (thermoplastic) especially formulated to function on rapid prototyping systems by laser sintering or radiation. It enables to obtain productions of models and functional parts in "plastic engineering" with long cycle of life and excellent chemical resistance.
This polyamide powder gives final productions in uniform gray color in mass.
The Innov’PA 2550 GBAL is based on a new formulation with improved mechanical characteristics. The whole of the improvements of the mechanical properties gives a better cohesion of the layers involving a more plastic behavior and responsive mechanics of the parts manufactured approaching the injected reinforced one as a Polypropylene with talc’s charge. A simple blasting of the part obtain is enough, these parts can be finished and painted if needed.
A refined specifies granulometry, precise and very tightened allows to obtain an excellent resolution of contour and surface. These innovative properties make possible to consider Rapid Manufacturing.
The process ability of the powder on the rapid prototyping systems is optimized; thus all the powder of a building can be re-used after sifting. The refreshing factor for regeneration, because of the adapted formulation of Innov’PA 2550 GBAL, is lower than the usual rates used on the various systems of rapid prototyping.
Typical applications of Innov’PA 2550 GBAL are parts and models of design, functional, precise, requested mechanically, chemically and in temperature.
  • Repeatability of the product is granted thanks to is low shrinkage and high precision of the parts.
  • Granulometry refined around 46 µm
  • Excellent resolution of contour and surface for RM low shrinkage material
  • Mechanical properties and mechanical behavior such as injected reinforced parts as a Polypropylene with talc’s (PP20%T) allowing Rapid Manufacturing
  • Exploitable on any type of system of prototyping: Pluri-manufacturers
  • Use continues powder cycles sifting-regenerating with a lowered Regeneration factor
  • Aspect and coloring gray uniform of the product, cohesion of layer, possibility to have functional clip with this material
  • Behavior in temperature of the Product until 116°C : part for motor as Inlet manifold
  • Chemical resistance of composite Polyamide 12
  • Economic cost of exploitation (ratio Q Powder/ Number of building)
  • Provisioning independent of the manufacturers

Sector of Applications :

  • Aerospace : helmet, throttle.
  • Motor Sports : manifold, carter aerodynamics with metalization
  • Military : various.