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We could developed special grade for application in SLS on conventional RP systems or on advanced and upgrade special high temperature RP systems;

for example:

  • Exceltec have developped new polymer powders for use in SLS technology with major aerospace partners.
  • Cooperation project such as the french research and devellopement innovation project "Pôle de compétivité" : CALYPSO.
  • Upgrade of systems and developpement in relation with partner.

These improvement of systems and new polymer matrix allow to maintain a real "avance de phase" for our customer-partner.

This matrix PA powder product could then be individualized for fitting specific properties.We have different grades in PA12 and/or PA11 with composite charge or not to fit to your requirements.

Please find here a selection of project ended “powdered” by ExcelTec !

  • Upgrade High-temperature on a Laser sinterring DTM 2500 : in one year (2012)
    • Phase I : Rigidification, sealing and temperature isolation; Exchange of the mechanical X axes, Laser cooling and tuning; validation with Innov'PA products for the standart range 150°C - 220°C
    • Phase II : Software change, First stage for the Build and Feed heater upgrade stabilize for 250°C - 300°C
    • Phase III : Active Roller Upgrade (temperature regulation of the ceramic rollo), Second stage for the Build and Feed heater regulation, additional heater and control, stabilize for 300°C - 400°C

The typical applications of High- temperature Laser systems are Aerospace, F1 competition, Automotive (Hot part) and Medical : parts and models of high value, functional, precise, requested mechanically, chemically and in temperature.

  • Change of the CO² Laser on standart SLS systems :
    • Change of the wavelength involve the necessity of a qualification for differents absorbers charge to transmit the laser energy to the polymer choose,
    • special blending of powder with best absorber ratio,
    • special synthesis of product with absorber,
    • Resolution is largely better with a laser focus optimized for a maximum sinterring diameter 0,2-0,3 mm...

The whole of the improvements of the change of the wavelenght gives a better cohesion of the layers involving a more plastic behavior and responsive mechanics of the parts manufactured approaching the reinforced injected one. The resolution approched definition reach with SLA technology with a sinterring process... currently under investigation