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Technical Assitance : Support on site

First installation package : including a minimum quantity of Innov'PA powders with support on your site (2 to 3 days for training, setting and operation pn your SLS systems).

  • Installation fee depending of your Area; covering typically travel and accomodation for the technician

  • Request and quotation on demand; depending your type of SLS systems and number of products to install :

    • EOS systems P7xx = 4-5 days on site
    • 3Dsys systems 2500+ = 3 days on site
    • EOS systems P1xx = 2-3 days on sit
  • Hot line support
  • Kick-Off training after first visit

 Trial of Innov'PA Support and documentation for Trial test

  • Hot line support
  • Kick-Off training during  a first visit planned

Developpement of SLS powder for specific Application and Market :

  •   Formulation on demand after audit

    • Screaning and Operation for Alpha Test
    • Support on site for Béta test
    • Production of Specific Batch
    • Quality Management and follow up of the grade generate