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DS : New generation of nylon


New generation of nylon powder for Selective Laser Sintering: case study of an air distributor prototype


Markets: Selective Laser Sintering Prototyping (Automotive)

Polymers: PA 12, PA 6


Key performances:

Prototype close to injected part

  • surface smoothness
  • vibration and accoustic mimics
  • temperature variations resistance


The ability of a selective laser sintering (SLS) prototype part to behave like the injected part is directly influenced by the nylon powder quality.

The latest generation of nylon powder Innov´PA allows prototypes to be as close as possible to the injected parts, whatever the laser sintering machine is.

How Innov´Pa reaches plastic-like performances of an air distributor, usually made of Glass-spheres reinforced PA 6?

  • By achieving a higher surface resolution (with both reinforced or unfilled grades)
  • By showing a plastic-like behaviour
  • By having the support of an experienced technical expert


Achieving a higher surface resolution (with both reinforced or unfilled grades)

Innov´PA powder has been specifically formulated to provide a higher «aesthetics resolution » in terms of:

  • Smooth surface aspect allowing an excellent airflow test accuracy
  • Look and feel much closer to a wide range of serial production parts. The smoothest surface is observed whatever the type of machines used: EOS and 3D System.

Figure 1 illustrates this by a comparison of the rugosity of different prototypes made of competitive nylon powders with theses 2 types of machines.

Figure 1: Comparison of rugosity of 3 SLS prototypes made of Innov´PA and two competitors nylon powders. (Rugosity measured by optic stratography.)


Showing a plastic-like behaviour

Innov´PA brings the right mechanical and physical properties to the air distributor prototype, outperforming by far what the previously used nylon powder achieved. The most critical ones are:

  • Vibrations and acoustic behaviour closer to the PA 6 injected part (reinforced by Glass Spheres) for leakage testing on air-ducting
  • Heating and defrosting performances to run cycled tests over a wide range of temperatures (cooling rate measurements, windscreen/window demisting and de-icing…)

Take benefit from the high level of technical support provided with Innov´PA and improve your prototype part performances.


Benefiting from constant technical support

The wide range of Innov´PA grades is provided with a constant support on both types of laser sintering systems provided by the 2 worldwide leaders of the LS market.

This support allows to accelerate:

  • Your time of part development (part design support)
  • Your time before production launch (machine settings support)