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Powder PA12 = Innov'PA 1550 Xs

Powder PA11 = Innov'PA 1350 ETx, Innov'PA 1450 ETx


 Location : FRANCE


Courtesy of : www.e2r-rp.com

Artist : www.eroheduazac.com



  • built in Inno'PA 1550 Xs = natural color, appearance and high detail resolution could be mettalize

  • built in Inno'PA 1350 ETx = black matt color and appearance with Shock resistance

  • built in Inno'PA 1450 ETx = natural color, appearance with Shock resistance

This Sculpture is visible at the Galerie Matignon, 18 avenue Matignon, 75008 Paris
It's been displa
yed for the first time during ArtParis art fair, in the Grand Palais



The SkullTree

3dPrinting Sculpture, wood and glass bell, 2011

Comments from the artist Erohe du Azac : "Still life but full of vitality, the SkullTree is a Vanity, a paradox between a symbol of life and an inescapable death, between a spring foliage and a winter skeleton. Rebirth of the Man and his place in nature, this sculpture incarnates a resurrection. The hope of a new symbiosis between the Human and the vegetal world. 
It is a strong bond through our past to the modernity of this third millennium.

This creation refers to the cabinets of curiosities as to Vanities which exist since the 18th century. Its symbolism is materialized by a laser, organic particles welded together by the light, uniting the material to the void.
time which passes and the changes that it inflates, the seasons that succeed and die to be reborn, bones embodied in a plentiful and light foliation.

More than an object, this tree is an invitation to life. 
Its broad, well anchored roots and its foliage which rises towards a celestial imaginary are protected by a glass vault.
This life under bell is a snapshot mixing duality, balance and paradox.
This whole sublimates our human existence."

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