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DS : Significant cost saving


Significant Cost savings for Rapid Manufacturing and Prototyping with the SLS nylon powder: Innov’PA


Markets: Selective Laser Sintering Prototyping

Polymers: PA 12, PA 6


Key performances:

Cost savings

  • Raw material consumption reduced
  • Increased productivity
  • Scrap reduction compared with current SLS nylon powders


Due to increasing costs Service Bureau using selective laser sintering are actively searching for ways to reduce costs while improving performance to broaden their offer.

The high quality nylon powder Innov´PA allows significant cost savings whatever the laser sintering machine is used.

How does Innov´PA reduce manufacturing cost without compromising on part performances?

  • By reducing the raw material consumption
  • By increasing the productivity
  • By decreasing scrap, especially when manufacturing big batches
  • By reducing development time through a tailor-made and independant technical support



INNOV´PA reduces the raw material consumption

The reduction of the raw material is achieved through:

  • a refreshing rate reduced from 40% down to 25 % (less virgin powder is needed when running a new job)
  • a higher level of powder re-use after sifting: from 4 to 8 times!
  • scrap reduction, thanks to its unmet reproductibility


Case Study


Company Actvity: Rapid Prototyping
Machine: EOS P350
Material: Nylon Powder for Selective Laser Sintering
Time: Innov´PA tested during 6 months

Cost savings

  • Raw material cost reduced by 50%
  • Increased demand for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS Turnover multyplied by 2 in 6 months)
  • less second operational steps


INNOV´PA contributes to optimize the productivity - whatever the LS machine is

The productivity is enhanced with all current LS machines of the market thanks to:

  • reduced cycle time: a higher number of parts built (more units per job!)
  • a significant reduction of secondary steps (ease of cleaning and finishing due to superior surface smoothness)
  • less machine maintenance compared with several current LS nylon powders


The technical support of the Independant INNOV´PA expert saves your time… therefore your money!

The wide range of Innov´PA grades is provided with a tailor-made and independant support on both types of laser sintering systems provided by the 2 worldwide leaders of the LS market.

This support allows YOU TO FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMER by reducing:

  • the time needed for part development (part design support)
  • the time of preparation to launch your production (machine settings support)